The Lottery Meets The Greeting Card

MILLIONAIRE Greetings Where the card is also the gift.

What happens when you combine two proven money-makers like the lottery business and the greeting card industry?You get the innovative new gaming experience “Millionaire Greetings”, a winning combination of profitability and public benefit.

By integrating cards with lottery entries, pricing the product competitively—and telling the compelling story of the public programs that are driven by lottery revenue—Millionaire Greetings introduces a value proposition that consumers have never seen before.

And The Winner Is…

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We’d like to help you win with Millionaire Greetings!

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MILLIONAIRE Greetings Where the card is also the gift.

Driving Revenue To Your Lottery
And To Your Community

  1. Average adult buys 21 cards per year!
  2. A single card can hold dozens of entries
  3. Lottery keeps MORE of the profits
  4. Card buying demographic is new to Lottery
  5. Many card vendors are new to Lottery
  6. Lottery vendors make better margins
  7. New concept curiosity drives business
  8. Local job creation (distributors)
  9. Millionaire Greetings scholarships awarded
  10. Local product and discount awards