How It Works


Millionaire Greetings cards compete favorably with the premium offerings on the market.They look and feel exactly the same as traditional greeting cards.They are matched with custom-fit envelopes.They are designed for every appropriate occasion and every adult recipient.

Even the consumer experience is the same—that is, until checkout. At the point of purchase, something exciting happens: The card offers the possibility of profit and public benefit.

How to play the Game?

  1. A Millionaire Greetings card is selected from a traditional merchandising unit.
  2. The secured instant ticket is integrated at the point of purchase using an adhesive system.
  3. Card buyer keeps the duplicative ticket portion as proof of purchase.
  4. Card buyer sends the cards to lucky recipients who reveal their winning prize values.
  5. All cash prizes have TWO winners. The recipient wins the full value revealed, and the buyer wins a reduced percentage of the winning total.

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